About us

EGIJA NAIJA is a not-for-profit art outfit whose birth was with the aim of creating platforms and opportunities to young art enthusiasts as well as satisfying the need of our audience.


What we do:

We are engaged in creative works ranging from, writing, play reading/staging, film, radio drama, oral storytelling, poetry. These, we use as social tools to educate, entertain and transform lives. We replace vulnerability with values through our community program such as THE REHEARSAL and WORKSHOPS. The rehearsal is a weekly gathering of youths in the community, where they are taught the basic skills of acting, and oral storytelling. Our workshops covers a wild rang, starting with playwriting, screenwriting and radio-drama script writing for students. We recently introduce program, which we have tagged, LEISURE PERFORMANCE for workers that are not in the field, this is with the aim of reducing work stress.


To create platforms and give opportunities to young art enthusiasts in Nigeria and produce valuable and self-dependent individuals in Nigeria through the works of art.


To be an art organisation of the high standard by producing works and individuals that will be positively engaging and transformative.

Core values

I. Excellence, II. Integrity, III. Gender sensitivity

Our Strategy:

Our Strategy:

Storytellers Coffee Hangout

This is an evening event of oral storytelling, short story reading and poetry and music performances by individual artist or groups. The event creates a common ground for artists and art lovers to meet, network and share experiences that can further promote art and the creative industry.

Public Reading of Plays/ Staging.

We organize public reading for playwrights with a particular interest in the emerging playwrights. The public reading is aimed at creating platforms for the playwrights to have their works performed by professional actors before an audience so as to see their reactions to the works. We also stage plays written by various playwrights for the purpose of entertainment, education and community engagement.

Film/ Radio drama

We use Short films and Radio drama to reach a wider range of audience with our thrilling, entertaining and transformative stories. We do this via collaborations, individual support and partner.

Bucket of Stories Podcast:

Our storytelling podcast is designed for the online communities; it features all genres of stories with a particular interest in addressing social injustice, such as gender insensitivity, rape, girl child abuse, boy child abuse etc.